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We are a Full Service Electrical

Assembling of Water Pump Sets

We undertake Assembly, Supply, Testing, Commissioning, Installation and Maintenance of Water Pump Sets useful for Residential Buildings, Villas, High Rise Commercial Towers, Industrial Units, Agriculture Farms for Irrigation and Landscaping needs. These Pump Sets be it a Booster, Transfer, Circulation, Filtration, VFD Pump Set OR a Borewell Submersible Pump Set carry a Manifold fitted with Gate Valves, NRV, a suitable Pressure Vessel and Control Panel too and these pump sets are made available in different configurations as given below:
1 Duty / 1 Standby
1 Duty / 1 Standby (Assist)
2 Duties / 1 Standby
1 Duty / 1 Standby / 1 Jockey
1 Duty / 1 Standby (Assist / 1 Jockey)
3 Duty / 2 Standby

Control Panels:

Assembly, Installation and maintenance of Control Panels with different modes of operations like DOL, Star/Delta, VFD, PLC based, Cyclic Change Over, with On / Off Delay Timer, MCB, ELCB and Door Interlock, On / Off Trip Indication Lamps.
Pump Set Control Panel.
STP Control Panel.
Irrigation Control Panel.
Filtration Control Panel.
Circulation Control Panel.
Swimming Pool Control Panel.

Mechanical Assembly of Manifolds:

We undertake Fabrication, Supply and installation of SS / Copper / PPR / HDPE Manifolds with suitable
-Pressure Vessel
-Pressure Switch / Gauge
-Pressure Transducer
-Branded Gate Valves and NRV (Check Valve)
-All fitted on SS / Copper / PPR / HDPE Manifold as per the requirement of Clients.

Residential Filtration Systems:

We undertake Supply, Installation & Maintaining of the following Filtration systems as per the requirements of Households and Commercial Establishments as per their requirements.
-Multimedia filtration system
-Water Softener system
-UV Sterilizers
-Catridge, Disc Type Filtration

Central Water Heating Systems:

We undertake Supply, Installation and Maintenance of the water heating like Electrical water heater & solar water heater units as per the requirements of Households and Commercial Establishments as per their requirements.

Puddle Flanges:

Puddle flanges securely seal pipes and cables made of PVC, HDPE, and GI OR SS against a high-water column. The bushings in concrete foundations and walls are securely sealed against groundwater and pressurised water. AGM has a team of technicians who can fabricate and fix these Puddle Flanges anywhere with precision and per severity.

Grease Traps:

A grease trap is a plumbing device that serves as a drain or waste pipe to prevent grease from passing into the municipality's (Baldiya’s) drain. Every commercial kitchen produces fats, oils and greases and if it’s not fabricated and connected suitably, every kitchen will defunct and stinks. AGM can fabricate and fix the customised Grease Traps as per the requirements of its clients.

Long bends, Couplers, End cap etc.:

These are all plumbing fittings and AGM team can fabricate and fix any size and any material (PVC, HDPE, GI, SS etc.) as per the requirements of its clients. Fabrication as per the design and fixing with precision is our team’s expertise.

Bell Mouths:

A bell-mouth is a bell-shaped extension at the end of a pipe. A bell-mouth may also be referred to as a suction bell-mouth. A bell-mouth may be used in liquid applications and is typically placed on the water inlet be it irrigation or a drain. AGM teams are capable of fabricating and fixing these Bell Mouths of any size and any material.

Butt Jointing Works:

Butt fusion can be used for jointing pipe to pipe; pipe to fitting; or fitting to fitting. A perfectly executed butt fusion joint has comparable strength to the original material around it and will be trouble free for a life time.

Electro Fusion Jointing Works:

The electrofusion fittings are made of high-density PE 100, to ensure that the internal layer of the fitting and external layer of the pipe are welded together to perform excellently and matching to the capacity of the pipeline. An electrofusion coupler fitting / HDPE coupling Fitting is used to join two lengths of poly pipe in a straight line. AGM Teams can execute excellently, the JOINTING WORKS related to both Butt Fusion and Electro Fusion to make the pipeline trouble free.

Electrical Services:

AGM Teams are experienced in undertaking and other Cabling and Electrical Services like Electrical Panels, DBs, SMDBs Installation, Wiring, Rewiring etc.

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